① Enterprise policy -- based on the integrity, treat people with sincerity, Keep innovation, win by high quality.

The 16-character policy is the operating policy proposed by the chairman in the early 1990’s when Xinfeng was at its initial stage. For the development of the company for more than 30 years, the integrity has been the foundation.Xinfeng always take "based on integrity, treat people with sincerity" as the principle whether for the customer, partner or staffs. Quality is the life of the company and all the staffs of Xinfeng are dedicated to fulfilling their duties. In order to reassure customers, we are not dare to neglect day and night. In addition, Xinfeng always maintain diversification innovation on operation, management and product .

② Xinfeng Values -- Integrity and kindness , integrity and practicability , modesty and studious , respect and tolerance, dedication and solidarity, self-discipline and auto-criticism , the more setbacks and the more determined , continue to exert yourself

The third-class enterprise rely on people, the second-class enterprise rely on management, and the first-class enterprise rely on culture. Only the like-minded people and teams with the same values can fight together with high effectiveness, mutual trust and tacit understanding . The company has set up the 32-character values for Xinfeng people.

③ Features of Xinfeng -- A company that has maintained a steady growth of more than 15% per year since its establishment; -- A company with more than 10 years of old employees accounting for 50%; -- A company with 80% of its management team members promoted from production line staffs.

As a private enterprise, Xinfeng rely on the wisdom and action of each Xinfeng person. Xinfeng is also an excellent platform for career development, allowing many people who are under-educated or with ordinary backgrounds to achieve success and a turning point in their lives through years of hard work.


History and Brand

As the earliest explorer of the release liner industry in China, with 30 years of experience and accumulation, Xinfeng has built the leading brand in the release liner industry in the domestic market.

Corporate Reputation

Focusing on the founder's corporate policy of "integrity-based and treat people with sincerity",Xinfeng has established a good reputation in the upstream and downstream of the industry.

Team Culture

Xinfeng people come from all over the China and work together for a same goal. For Xinfeng people, unity and love, respect and tolerance are the foundation, and Helping with heart, not abandoning is the principle .

Modern Management

We know that there is no end to the development of enterprises. Xinfeng continuously attaches great importance to enterprise management, institutionalization,routinization, standardization, informatization, and datamation.

Product Diversification

"Keep innovation, win by high quality" make Xinfeng keep developing in the future. With 30 years of development, from a single PEK release paper to a full range of release liners , Xinfeng have  gradually formed 10 product divisions.

Win-win cooperation

Insist on the close cooperation with upstream and downstream partners to achieve the goal of win-win. And persist in leading employees to share the benefits of enterprise development and become rich together.

Pragmatic Refinement

No matter when and where, Xinfeng people must always maintain the company spirit of modesty, studious, pragmatic, enterprising, and never satisfied. Adhere to the ideal, down-to-earth, and make progress little by little every day.

Pattern and vision

Xinfeng adheres to the meaningful cause of benefiting the country, the people, and the enterprises, and always maintains 5-10 years of advance preparation and planning for the future.