Black and white board film

Ⅰ、product description

  Black / White / Green Board Sticker is a kind of wall-mounted home decoration wall sticker, which is a new product that replaces the traditional black / white board. This product uses the latest environmentally friendly materials and innovative design concepts, has the unique features of black / whiteboard, and the price is much lower than traditional black / whiteboard.


      Black, white, green


  Mainly made of environmental protection material PVC / CPP, easy to stick and easy to peel, leaving no residue
  Easy to use, peel off the black / white / green board backing paper, paste it on the surface of the wall \ floor \ desktop \ glass surface, and write with ordinary chalk.
  Lightweight and easy to carry, it can be DIY into any desired shape.

Ⅳ、Use range

  Family message boards, children's drawings
  Write notifications, notices, messages, meeting records, blackboard reports
  Schools, children's gardens produce blackboard newspapers, teacher lectures and students writing pictures

Ⅴ、contact us

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  Contact: Manager Zhu
  Mobile: 135-8785-6568
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