CCK Release Paper

  Ⅰ、Product description

  CCK is a kind of "green" paper which is very popular in Europe and America.The surface of the paper is coated after a special coating process.It has good paper stiffness, high smoothness, good tensile strength , high temperature resistance , stable peeling strength , environmental protection and etc.It's a green and high-grade silicone coated release paper .

  Ⅱ、 Colour

  White , Yellow , Brown

  Ⅲ、Grammage (can be customized according to customer’s requirement)

  From 35g/sqm to 120 g/sqm

  Ⅳ、Width(can be customized according to customer’s requirement)

  From 95cm to 159cm

  Ⅴ、Release force

  Easy release force , medium release force , tight release force

  Ⅵ、Application fields

  Office supplies: self-adhesive label , self-adhesive envelope

  Advertising materials: large size self-adhesive label , outdoor advertising sticker, decorative graphics

  Hygiene product : adhesive tapes on baby protection devices, women's sanitary towel , band-aids and hospital supplies

  Industrial technology: automotive, construction, electronic die-cutting, insulators, sound insulators, carbon fiber prepregs

  Ⅶ、Contact us

  Xinfeng Group-Wenzhou Xinfeng Decorative Materials Co., Ltd

  Xinfeng Group-Wenzhou Xinyi Special Paper Co., Ltd

  Contact: Bernie Chen

  Phone : +86 13929994387


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