CCK paper

Ⅰ、 product description

  CCK is a kind of "green" paper that is very popular in Europe and the United States. The surface of the paper is coated after a special coating process. It has good paper stiffness, high smoothness, good tensile strength, and high temperature resistance. , Stable peeling strength, environmental protection, green and other characteristics, is a green high-grade silicone release paper color.

Ⅱ、 colour

  White, yellow, natural kraft paper

Ⅲ、 Gram weight can be negotiated according to customer requirements)

  35g/㎡-120 g/㎡

Ⅳ、 Wide (can be negotiated according to customer requirements)


Ⅴ、 Release force (can be negotiated according to customer requirements)

  Light release, normal release, heavy release.

Ⅵ、Application area

  Office supplies: self-adhesive paper labels, self-adhesive envelopes
  Advertising materials: self-adhesive paper labels for large papers, outdoor advertising stickers, decorative graphics
  Hygiene products: adhesive tapes on baby protection devices, women's toilet paper towels, band-aids and hospital supplies
  Industrial technology: automotive, construction, electronic die-cutting, insulators, sound insulators, carbon fiber prepregs


Ⅶ、 contact us

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