Glass film

Ⅰ、product description

  Xinfeng's electrostatic glass film, style design and texture of the mask combine the new popular colors in Europe, and continue to innovate according to market trends. They are generally used for home office glass decoration.


  60.0cm、90.0cm (Unlimited length)




  Anti-ultraviolet 80% or more, environmentally friendly material, no glue, easy to use, protect privacy, sun protection, heat insulation, beautification decoration.

Ⅴ、Scope of application

  Glass surfaces, (such as windows, sliding doors, display windows, etc.)

Ⅵ、contact us

  Xinfeng Group-Wenzhou Xinfeng Composite Materials Co., Ltd.
  Contact: Manager Zhu
  Mobile: 13587856568
  Phone: 0577-64593405
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