Glassine Silicone Paper

Ⅰ、product description

  Glassine Silicone Paper (Glassine Silicone Paper), the base paper is glassine, with high temperature, moisture, oil and other functions, generally used in food, medicine, labeling, electronic die cutting and other industries. The bottom paper is dense and uniform in texture, and has good internal strength and light transmission. Xinfeng is currently the largest private glassine paper producer in China, with a monthly output of more than 3,000 tons of glassine paper;


  White, yellow, blue, army green, turmeric, elegant yellow, medium yellow, orange, gray, black

Ⅲ、Weight (can be negotiated according to customer requirements)

  35g / ㎡-120 g / ㎡

Ⅳ、Wide (can be negotiated according to customer requirements)


Ⅴ、Release force (can be negotiated according to customer requirements)

  Light release, normal release, heavy release.

Ⅵ、Application area

  Mainly used for: high-speed automatic labeling (especially suitable for high-speed labeling), special tape, double-sided tape substrate trademark, laser anti-counterfeiting label and other release applications. It is a common material for making bar code labels, stickers, tapes or adhesive industrial products, especially suitable for rotary and flat cross-cutting.

Ⅶ、contact us

  Xinfeng Group-Wenzhou Xinfeng Decorative Materials Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Xinyi Special Paper Co., Ltd.
  Contact: Manager Xiong
  Mobile: 135-8766-7110
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