PP Coated Paper

Ⅰ、product description 

  Laminated paper is a composite material in which plastic particles are coated on the surface of the paper through a casting machine. The main feature is that the composite material is oil-proof, waterproof (relative), and heat-sealable. Different uses have different characteristics: When used for packaging burgers, take advantage of their oil-proof properties. McDonald's is edible vegetable oil at 80 degrees for 10 minutes without oil leakage. When used in coated paper packaging, take advantage of its waterproof properties. When used in automatic packaging machines, take its heat-sealable properties.


  White, yellow



Ⅳ、Wide (can be negotiated according to customer requirements)

  Up to 1600mm

Ⅴ、Application area 

  Self-adhesive backing paper for stickers, tapes, advertising materials, shoe materials, etc. and various composite bags and packaging materials.
  Chemicals: Desiccant packaging, camphor balls, washing powder, preservatives.
  Food: Noodle straps, ice cream packaging, milk powder packaging, tea packaging, melon seed bags, bread bags, burger packaging, sugar packaging, coffee packaging.
  Wood products: tongue depressor packaging, ice spoon packaging, toothpick packaging, cotton swabs.
  Paper: coated paper packaging, light coated paper packaging, copy paper packaging (neutral paper).
  Lifestyle: wipes bags, salt packaging, paper cups.
  Medicine packaging: medical equipment packaging, traditional Chinese medicine packaging, pesticide packaging, veterinary medicine packaging.
  Other categories: test paper, aviation bags, seed bag paper, bearing packaging, stainless steel packaging.





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