Synthetic leather release paper series

Ⅰ、product description

  The synthetic leather release paper produced by Wenzhou Xinyi Special Paper Company is mainly based on the "Y" series. The low-temperature paper series is suitable for polyurethane (PU) leather, and the high-temperature paper series is suitable for semi-PU leather and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) leather. Excellent and stable quality, full and clear texture, many technical indicators have reached or exceeded imported similar products.

Ⅱ、Characteristics of Y series synthetic leather release paper

  ● Excellent heat and scratch resistance.
  ● Excellent embossing and satisfactory reusable times.
  ● It can perfectly transfer texture and gloss to the leather surface of synthetic leather.

Ⅲ、Application range of Y series synthetic leather release paper

  ● Polyvinyl chloride synthetic leather (PVC)
  ● Polyurethane synthetic leather (PU)
  ● Semi-PU synthetic leather (synthetic leather combined with PVC and PU)

Ⅳ、Applicable temperature of Y series synthetic leather release paper

  ● Y series PU (110 ~ 135 ° C)
  ● HG-Y series semi-PU, PVC, microfiber (190 ~ 210 ° C)

Ⅴ、Application area

  Synthetic leather, microfiber
  Car interior luggage bags leather shoes sofa clothing sports shoes mobile phone accessories etc.

Ⅵ、contact details

  Xinfeng Group-Wenzhou Xinyi Special Paper Co., Ltd.
  Contact: Manager Lin
  Mobile: 136-3425-5498
  Phone: 0577-55560929
  Fax: 0577-55562085

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